Privacy & Cookie Policy

This website was created to provide information to and connect with people interested in our campaign to ban isolation booths in education. We will not share any personal details submitted through this website with other 3rd parties except where stated within this policy.

Our website uses cookies to identify users and commentators, for example. Personal details submitted to us are kept securely on our website.

We are using cookies for Google Analytics which helps us to understand how people use our website in order so we can make improvements. Also to monitor the effectiveness of any advertising campaigns we have to promote the campaign. We do not submit any information to Google that allows them to personally identify users. If you would like to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking > Click here to opt-out of Google Analytics.

We use Mailchimp to gather contact details from and communicate with subscribers to our mail list via contact forms. If you use a contact form your information will be sent to mailchimp if you opt in. Mailchimp keep personal details secure and do not share them. We use this service to help make sure we comply with privacy laws. All mails sent out by mailchimp have a link in the footer to unsubscribe.

Our website developer has access to our website, mailchimp and analytics accounts and will not extract or share personal details contained within.

If there is to be any change in use of personal details we shall notify our subscribers by email.