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Paul Dix talking about Isolation Booths on BBC news 12th November 2018

Independent, Friday 29th June 2018


#BantheBooths from The Times Educational Supplement 27th November 2018

There is good practice in many removal rooms. Caring adults calmly working with angry and frustrated children who have struggled to follow directions. There is mentoring, coaching and challenge so that children can be returned to learning as soon as possible. Then there are removal rooms and isolation rooms where children sit in punishment booths, abandoned. Their education on hold. ………………


Parent and Child on Radio 4’s You and Yours talking about SEND and Isolation 10th December 2018 

from 20.35 onwards


‘Ungoverned’ use of restraint and seclusion in Scottish schools criticised


Letters to The Guardian 17th December 2018


Parklands Primary School, Leeds. From padded cells to love and smiles, Chris Dyson, 26th December 2018