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    Why we should #BanTheBooths by Wayne Beech

    Let me set the scene: It is half past one, I am sat in my office and while the rest of the school settle into their learning for the afternoon, the verbal barbs of “let me out, this is child abuse, you’re not my dad!” echo into the otherwise tranquil corridor. This week’s BanTheBooths blog is from Wayne Beech, Deputy Headteacher of a Primary School serving an area of high deprivation.  His day has not been a productive one, with the Christmas season in full swing, the onslaught of Nativity practices, Christmas Fairs and regular interruptions to the timetable, his ability to cope with the school day has diminished. As…

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    Support #BanTheBooths campaign – Simon Kidwell, Headteacher

      I have spent twenty-five years teaching and leading schools across Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent and Cheshire. I have led a school with a resource base for children with statements for behaviour, I have led a school out of an OFSTED Category, and I have worked as Local Authority Improvement Advisor with a number of schools that require improvement. In my experience, the vast majority of children who display the most challenging behaviour have a significant challenge establishing a sense of belonging. This can be a result of a difficult start to life, communication and learning difficulties, a chaotic home life, or from being excluded from school. There are two routes to…

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    Why I joined the #BanTheBooths campaign (and why you should too)

    In the first of a series of blogs Jules Dauby a literacy and SEND expert explains why she supports the campaign: I like to be liked.  It’s a curse.  It means I struggle to commit to any one side of an argument because as soon as someone smiles at me, I agree with them.  OK, perhaps I’m not that shallow but I enjoy debate and I particularly love to hear robust discussion on challenging topics.  Often however, I sympathise with both viewpoints and because I went to a secondary modern and did typing and childcare rather than debating and philosophy, it’s intellectually stimulating to hear informed people battle with ideas,…

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