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The BanTheBooths campaign is growing rapidly and after some fantastic campaigning we have good news to share.

After a meeting in Westminster with Dr Paul Williams MP the campaign was invited to attend a round table event with MPs including Emma Hardy and senior union representatives. We were represented by Jules Dauby who left the meeting enthused by the responses. Many of the MPs had already highlighted the issue with isolation booths within their own constituencies. The campaign have been set a task by the MPs and a return meeting has been arranged so we can report back.  This is excellent news and takes our campaign to another level.

Two weeks ago I travelled to Leeds on a wet Friday morning to visit Parklands Primary School to meet with the Headteacher Chris Dyson who introduced me to Richard Burgon MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Justice and Shadow Lord Chancellor. Richard knew of the campaign and has offered his full support to us. We are incredibly grateful for his time and attention, particularly in the midst of a very busy Parliamentary schedule.

On Saturday one of our campaigners Callum Wetherill attended the NEU Conference for Support Staff and spoke about Ban The Booths. The individual members were keen to show their support and Callum swiftly produced his BanTheBooths stickers (he doesn’t leave home without them) and produced the fabulous photo that accompanies this blog.

Our campaign is strong and growing stronger. Our recent parent blogs were extremely popular on social media, there have been questions posed in Select Committees about the use of Isolation and the extreme practices in some schools have hit the national press. Nobody should be able to put a child in ‘boothed confinement’ and call it ‘inclusion’.

Of course the need to stop the extremes of punishment still persists, there is work to be done. Only last week I was contacted by a teacher in a PRU (to scared to speak out publicly) who had just accepted a child who had been in an isolation booth since the second week of September.  The fact that education stops when children are isolated makes this abuse of power even more distasteful.

We look forward to developing the campaign and making sure that confinement booths are outlawed, Isolation is regulated and TILF funds are used to help schools move to more informed practice.

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