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The BanTheBooths Campaign is supported by Emma Hardy MP, Dr Paul Williams MP,  Richard Burgon MP,  Shadow Justice Secretary, Alex Sobel MP and Fabian Hamilton, MP and Shadow Minister for Peace

We are campaigning for:

  • The removal of deep confinement booths in all schools
  • The regulation and reporting of all children isolated for more than half a day
  • Funding to support schools in shifting from Isolation booths to better practice

Isolation booths are used in some Primary and Secondary Schools in an attempt to manage extremely disruptive behaviour. The use of these booths is currently unregulated and unreported. We believe they are a breach of the UN charter on the rights of the child, disproportionate and  unnecessary. Booths are not used in custodial settings yet some schools have large isolation suites where children might be held for long periods. Recent Freedom of Information requests by the BBC show that in 500 schools using isolation booths 200 children had spent more than 5 consecutive days in isolation in the past year.

There is no evidence that booths or extended isolation has any positive effect on behaviour. There is a great deal of evidence to the contrary. There are some extremely successful schools working in challenging circumstances who have no isolation booths and manage behaviour superbly.

We believe that the booths are disproportionately occupied by children with Special Needs and BAME children. We need to see the national picture and have all Governing Bodies report isolation as they do exclusion and restraint.

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Paul Dix


For clarity we do not object to removal or separation of children from their classes. The focus of the campaign is on confinement  booths (often called 'Isolation' or "Consequence' booths) not desk dividers.

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